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Normal Positions
Receiving an Attack
Receiving Service
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ATTACKING - the penetrating setter

As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons for having set positions is because only front court players can hit front court, so if we can get the back-court setter setting, he will have 3, rather than 2 players to set to. Obviously, if the back court setter receives the first ball, then he cannot dig it to himself, and in these situations you will only have a 2 man attack. If the back-court setter does not receive the first ball, he will be able to move forward to the front court, whilst the 'normal' setter can drop back and be the third attack.

  • blue represents front court, red back court
  • 'S' are the setters
  • 'M' middle players
  • 'O' outside players

Press on the "Press on continue" button to see the action with each attack